18 Aug Setting Up Your Fujifilm Camera For Flash Photography

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Take one look at my portfolio and you will see that I shoot a lot of flash photography. As a former SLR shooter, I am used to a very high speed of operation and an optical viewfinder that allows me to get a clear view of my scene as long as there is light around. I am also used to having access to all of the new technologies that fill those bodies such as TTL and High Speed Sync. When first moving to the Fujifilm system, these things took a little getting used to. I’ve finally got all the technologies I’ve been waiting for and the cameras set up the way I like them, so I thought I would share the way I do this in the hope that it helps those new to the system get a handle on how it all works.

Myth – The Fujifilm Systems are no Good for Flash

This is hogwash. It’s simply not true. Since the beginning, the system has had flash support in all of its cameras. For sure, there was no TTL or HSS in the initial releases, but you could still use manual flash and ND filters to shoot with flash. All “dumb” triggers worked just fine for off camera flash even from the beginning. …

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