11 Dec Setting up Lightroom Classic CC for a new camera

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Lightroom comes with basic values for sharpening and noise reduction that need to be adjusted by the end user to their liking. Lightroom offers the opportunity of saving these settings as the new default for any camera/ ISO combination. The process of setting up Lightroom to deliver wonderful results every time is simple and takes about 10 to 20 minutes. Once it is set you will never need to set it again for your camera. This process is often overlooked by professional and amateur photographers alike. Without completing the following steps the default values in Lightroom will make your shots look terrible at pixel level for most ISO values.

Point to note:

The default settings that you will create are ‘application’ specific and not ‘catalogue’ specific so you can import your raw files into any catalogue on the same computer and the correct settings will be applied for ever more.

Things you will need:

A camera in a room on a table or a tripod with a wide lens attached.

A hard drive or SSD that you are going to use for all your ingest of RAW files.

A computer with a calibrated screen, with an up to date version of Lightroom Classic CC installed.

An SD card reader.


1. Set up a wide shot of a room, a kitchen will do by placing the camera on a table or tripod.  If the camera is on a table switch on the 2 second self timer

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