13 Jul Seek the Light

Source: Fuji X Passion

First of all, I am feeling very honored to get the chance to write something about my absolutely favorite hobby – photographing, in one of my beloved online magazines, Fuji X Passion.

May I give you a small introduction of myself and my path to Fujifilm: My name is Georg Ude, I am from Vienna the capital of beautiful Austria, and I am a very passionate amateur photographer. As this hobby may not be the cheapest sometimes, I also have to earn my daily savings by a “normal” job – by being a mechanical R&D engineer in the fields of plastic.

Fuji X-T4 . Fuji XF35mmF1.4 . F/1.4 . 1/50” . ISO 1250

I am in the Fujifilm universe for roughly three years, but I also experimented with other brands. In my beginnings, I took pictures with my mobile phone and an old Nikon DSLR. I also used a Leica Q in-between and explored the advantages of IBIS the first time. But one day, a colleague of mine showed me his Fujifilm X-Pro2 during a business trip – immediately I was hooked. I guess some of you know what came next – I traded in my old gear and bought a Fujifilm. It wasn’t the X-Pro2 but a second-hand X-H1 and the amazing Fujinon XF23mm F1,4. The X-H1 had IBIS which I really like for my style of taking pictures.

Fuji X-T4 . Fuji XF16-55mmF2.8 @16mm . F/2.8 . 1/30” . ISO 160 LEFT: Fuji

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