27 Jan Seeing What Others Left Behind – Photographs by Jan Töve

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Over the course of my photographic career, my visual interests have evolved from landscape to travel and from travel to street and creative photography. It has been a voyage of seeing, visual experimentation and self-discovery. In the last year, I noticed that this metamorphosis has accelerated and started me on a new visual journey.

As someone who loves road trips, I started to apply my creative street photography ideas to more rural and isolated places. In the same way as I observed and extracted unexpected elements from busy street scenes, I started to extract elements from less busy rural vistas. As I began this new visual journey, I came across a photographer whom I admire for his subtle yet sophisticated seeing and ability to arrange remote rural scenes into an elegant and cohesive whole.   

Today I would like to introduce you to a photographer who, along with Ned Pratt (more about Ned soon), is making a major impact on my new visual discoveries. I would like to showcase the work of Jan Töve. Jan is a Swedish photographer whose photography is “based on landscape in a wider sense, in which the environment and society are commented on or included in one way or another.” His images are “personal interpretations and views of reality” to use a direct quotation from his website.  

I view his work as visual prose which may

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