21 Dec Seeing in Turmoil – Summary of 2016

Source: Olafs Photoblog

We started 2016 with an “Un-resolution,” challenging ourselves to go beyond “static and sterile,” to “move toward the edge of the cliff” and to “destroy our present complacency of seeing.”

Looking back at this remarkable and tumultuous year, it was a year when we questioned everything about our “seeing.” Being well aware that the popularity of our blog could suffer, we went beyond our usual travel and landscape genre of photography. While shedding our photographic skin, not only did we explore street vistas but also tried to snake into new ways of seeing.

It would have been much easier to stick to one theme, one look, one message. Yes, it would. However, we knew that by standing still our seeing could become familiar and repetitive – eventually leading to blindness – a risk we couldn’t afford to take.

We travelled less in 2016 partially because our seeing involved fascinating visuals closer to home and partially because we’ve been working on several new projects. With the launch of our workshops in 2017 we will certainly correct this anomaly.

Despite the lack of travel, this year stood out in one remarkable way. We had the privilege of meeting and working with amazing people. It is impossible to name you all – please allow us a little indiscretion in mentioning a few names.

It must start with You – readers of this blog. You motivate, inspire and challenge us to publish only the best work. Your kind and generous comments make our days.

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