28 Dec Second Shooter

Second shooter (Two Photographers)

It seems to be the trend to have two wedding photographers at a wedding, when looking across the internet at wedding sites and photographer websites, often part of the up-sell is offering two photographers on the day of the wedding.

I think it’s very important to put one’s heart into the information that clients read on websites, unfortunately there does tend to be a lot flowery comments when looking through ‘About’ pages.

I promise you won’t find this with my ‘about’ page, when writing about me and how I work, I constantly strive to answer all those questions that couples wish to know when booking a wedding photographer, you can read about me (HERE) I personally would like all my clients to peruse through this as it puts into more detail… who I am and how i work.

I absolutely believe that the technical aspects with regards to photography can be taught, I teach other enthusiasts photography and love providing this service, however the artistic, the connection, the passion, the love cannot be taught, it has be be within the individual, the photographer.

I and others would consider me a perfectionist when it comes to most things in life but absolutely when it comes to my photography, I have a camera with me nearly 24/7!

I love light, shadows, contrast, I always feel the need to capture a scene, to hold that moment.

My photography is about the personalities of my subjects, I never hold to a particular style or push to get…..