16 Oct Scenes From a Week in Auckland

Source: Charlene Winfred

Auckland city probably deserved more time than I gave it, but between volcanic beaches, fifty-something volcanoes in the metropolitan area, and arresting scenery spitting distance from the city center, it was hard to want to be downtown. Having just spent four solid months in crowded, uber urban Singapore, all I want at this point, is space. And if it came with volcanoes, black sand beaches and spectacular vistas around every hair pin bend in the road (and there are many), heck, why bother fighting crowds in the city?

Well, for one thing, being so far from the equator, there is the light. That amber, slanted light I sometimes can’t believe comes from the same sun. In equatorial cities, it’s thick with moisture and atmosphere, which makes shooting in shadowy interiors so sweet. But it either comes at you straight from above, or isn’t there. Twilight is a 10 minute affair – now you see it, now you don’t. No mercy. Light at latitudes though… ah… it leans (joy!), sunset is a languorous and nuanced affair, and it is golden. Do I shoot in the middle of the day? Absolutely. Not because blinding afternoons are a particularly great time to be shooting, but all that slanty light reflects off glass and steel quite delightfully then.

I never stopped loving evenings during the decade and a half I lived in Western Australia. That bend-and-gold that signal the waning of…

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