14 Jul Save 10% on Capture One

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

As a quick follow on from my recent updated post on Capture One vs Lightroom, just a quick note to say that if you’re considering getting yourself a copy of Capture One, you can now gat a 10% discount on any version of the software by using the code in the post below.

As a member of the Capture One affiliate programme I can now offer my readers a 10% discount on the software thanks to the kind folks at Capture One. This can be used for any version, whether it is the full Pro edition, or one of the manufacturer versions. It should also work for the subscription versions.

Use the following code: TFPHOTO

If you’re still on the fence about Capture One, I have a few posts which should help you make up your mind either way. As someone who uses lots of different photography applications, I’d rather someone use the application that suits them best, and it’s quite possible that Capture One won’t be for you, so make sure to try the software before you buy.

Here are some more posts that you may find useful:

Which version of Capture One to get Capture One vs Lightroom Thinking of Switching from Lightroom? What to Know. (This is a little out of date now, and some things have changed – but the gist is the same)

If you do go to buy it, Capture One Pro is available in both

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