08 Mar Sara Tramont ~ Star of Harlem

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I met up with top model Sara Tramont at my rented penthouse apartment in Harlem for two days of shooting Hollywood glamour workshops. On each day there were three top photographers joining us for some creative inspiration. I find that 1:3 sessions work really well with historic interiors. In some modern apartments the rooms are far bigger and can accommodate more of us, but with three plus me we all get to shoot easily and work together. Continuous lighting is a bonus because we can all shoot simultaneously capturing the moments created from different angles. This set is an amalgamation of both days shooting.

01. I love this soulful look, cascading hair, full lips, the sense of anticipation the sheen of the satin and the dappled light. It’s a signature look that I am really happy to call my own. Lighting was by a Lupo 1000 spotlight and an Alto Scattergel.

We first advertised the opportunity for these workshops in New York City on the Lovegrove Creative Facebook group and we put out a newsletter too. Blaise and Laura coordinated the responses and these two workshop days with Sara were created. The photographers got to choose the genres and Blaise set about finding our location.

02. Anonymous beauty shot into the light. My natural style is to embrace reality. Let creases be creases, blotches be blotches etc. I tend to spend an average of 60 seconds per image on the edit in Lightroom and I love the edgy reality that results. It’s timeless, no skin softening, pinch or

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