11 Jul San Francisco Street Photography with the X100F

Source: Olafs Photoblog

What a formula! It cannot get better than that. Okay, except for Vancouver!

For three days, I have been shooting in San Francisco with the X100F (one day I also had the X-T2 and the XF 90mm F2 lens). No plan, no expectations, no set goals. It was just the “Streets of San Francisco,” the Fujifilm X100F and my seeing.

However, if you think it was a leisurely stroll, you are mistaken. A few years ago, I wrote an article stating that photography is hard. I stand by it today. I’m not talking about snapping photos with your friends during a party or share-it-all on Face-Snap-Insta (I assume you are reading this blog because you care about the craft of seeing).

There is the internet myth pushed by some that all you need is a camera and you just shoot away to eternal happiness. It’s a candy-sweet idea but it’s complete fiction. The three days of intense street photography in San Francisco reaffirmed that.

A vibrant city such as San Francisco offers you such a plethora of visuals, layers after layers of shapes, patterns, colour, noise, smells – street life at its best. However, it creates chaos or in other words, an overload of visuals. One approach would be to just shoot away. From time to time you will get nice image – a shadow here, a shadow there – the internet will love it. However, if you really want to create strong imagery, you must dive deep into…

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