28 Nov Rule of thirds Photography

Rule of thirds

I’ve had the privilege of being taught photography by one of the best wedding photographers (My Uncle) who was based in London and photographed a number of 60/70s celebrities.

I feel it’s vital that I pass on my experience to any that asks questions with regards to Photography, it’s important that this Art is passed onto future generations, how awful if photography became just purely auto, I did write a small article (HERE) just recently about a particular thought that was put to me from a media student!

I was recently asked to spend a few hours with a class of media students and give a small talk about photography. Now I must admit I love photography with a passion and tend to go from aperture settings through to metering in one go when I’m explaining photography to my Daughter, therefore as she quite rightly told me ‘you need to talk about just one point Dad or you might lose them if you explain everything in one lesson’ yep she was spot on and so I thought hard about what I felt was maybe the first thing anyone should think about and practice before getting into the more detailed specifications about photography!

As you may know, the reason for my blogs/articles are firstly as a kind of diary for me, it helps me think about my photography however an added (hopefully) benefit in my articles are that others may find them informative and interesting…