16 Nov ROI on GFX

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

ROI. Return on investment. This is a very important three-letter  word if you are a making a living from the world of photography.  In my early days of Medium Format digital system, these system  are very expensive and still is today. And some models are really  out of reach unless one is a world-class photographer with really  big clientel. Or alternatively one could sell a kidney to raise fund.   I have been using GFX for work about 9 months now. I taken it through its paces and its the easiest DMF system that I even used. I have shot food, products, portraits, corporate, travels, landscape, interior,  architectural, annual reports, editorial, advertising, documentary  and even street photography!


Client : Angie Vu Ha. GFX + GF120mm. Lite with Broncolor.


It’s not a cheap system but in the world of medium format; it’s definitely  the best value among its peeps. As far as I am concern; I couldn’t find  another medium format camera that gives you more bang for your buck.  As a commercial photographer; I find the GFX a breeze to work with.  Especially if you are already a X-series user. The interface is pretty  much the same. Therefore the learning curve is easy.    Within a year 6 GF lenses have been introduce. And maybe another  couple more lenses in the year to come. I am glad that Fujifilm is really  a serious contender in the world of Medium Format.  Its has cause such  a stir; if rumor is true; Sony will introduce their version of DMF soon.   Why GFX

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