08 Dec ROBOGIRL: A collabo with Lauren Barker

Source: Fuji Love

I stumbled upon Lauren Barker’s work about a year ago and ever since then I wished we could do something together. It wasn’t until recently that I felt comfortable with my skill set to really do her intricacy any justice. We met up at a coffee shop one day and threw around some ideas and landed on RoboGirl.

I had just finished editing my previous attempt at coloured lighting (What We Dream) and had learned a few things that I wanted to try differently. This time I would keep it simple by using flash gels on a speed light instead of coloured fluorescent lights. My setup consisted of the following:

1 strobe with an 80cm octagon umbrella softbox 1 speed light with a coloured gel 1 reflector Fujifilm X-T2 XF50-140mm f2.8 Lens Fujifilm MCEX-16 Macro Extension Tube

Our champion model Emma Halliwell was very patient throughout the 3 hour makeup session while me and Kosher Abz set up all the lighting gear. As the the clock ticked and Lauren’s doodles started shaping up into a masterpiece I grew more and more nervous. “How the hell do I capture all of this,” I thought.

Deep breaths…

First, I needed to light up all of Emma’s face in order to really show of Lauren’s work. I decided to go with a loop lighting setup with the octabox slightly above Emma’s face and about 20 degrees off centre. I then added a reflector on the shadow side to

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