01 Mar Road tripping the USA

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X-Photographer strip BLACK

by Damien Lovegrove

As I finish my preparations for another epic road trip adventure it gives me a great excuse to share with you my passion for what has to be one of the finest locations for photography on the planet; The Wild West of the USA. The high deserts of Arizona, the Canyons of Utah and the rock formations of Nevada deliver a spectacular backdrop while Route 66 and small town America provide us with a texture and cultural heritage to be cherished and immortalised on camera.


I first visited Arizona in 2012, I had just bought my X-Pro1 and the there primes it launched with and together with Aaron, my step son we boarded a plane for Chicago the start point of the historic Route 66. We rented a Dodge Challenger at the airport and set off on our epic road trip to LA.


Strong use of vivid colour is the American way and the depth of colour in signage and vehicles is reflected in the earth tones in the deserts too. In 2012 we wound our way through the Southern States way out West crossing the Mississippi at St Louis. Arizona was my favourite State on the Route 66 and in May last year I’ll led a road trip adventure that started in Las Vegas and ended in Wyoming having gone through canyons, deserts and mountains.


In June I’m back. This time though Martin Hill, my co tutor and I are doing an 8 day adventure that involves less driving and more photography. We will load up our convoy of 5 SUVs at the airport in Las Vegas  before heading out on an 8 day round trip. Joining us will be twelve photographers, two models and Julie, our tour administrator. My choice of camera for this trip is my GFX. I want to capture details like never before. I’m used to seeing my work printed at sizes well over a meter wide for exhibition and this time the prints will be breathtaking. Martin Hill is an expert with using flash

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