02 Sep RNI All Films 4 Pro Review – Film presets for Lightroom and Photoshop

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Presets can be a very powerful tool when they are done right. Some are designed to give your image a vibrant result straight away, saving you from making the adjustments yourself. Others are meant to produce a unique look. The latter is my favourite and I am going to explain why.

In the past, I reviewed the Rebecca Lily presets (version 2 and version 3). I’ve used them on many occasions for both personal and professional work. I like these presets not just because they emulate the look of film but also because they deliver a different result than the default colour or monochrome profiles you can find on most digital cameras. I could call this an “organic look” but it’s the subtle and delicate colour palette rather than the so-called film simulation that interests me. These palettes can help you to define a precise style for a specific photo project or your overall style as a photographer.

A7s, 1/1250, f/1.8, ISO 100 – Agfa Optima 400 – 03 – Ev+

It was with this same principle in mind that I started to test RNI’s (Really Nice Images) latest film presets called All Films 4. My plan isn’t to tell you how accurate the film simulations are, first because I don’t have enough experience with film to be the judge of that and second, because I believe that if you really want the look of film, there is no better way to shoot than with an actual film camera. As Olly Janssen from RNI explains:

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