17 Mar Ritesh Ghosh – The Making of a Photographer

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Hello Ritesh Ghosh! It’s a pleasure to have you again in the Fuji X Passion project, this time to be interviewed.
Could you make a brief presentation of yourself?
Hello and Thank You for having me once again on Fuji X Passion. My name is Ritesh Ghosh and I am an aspiring X-Photographer from Kolkata. I have been into Photography since the last 3 years now with the Street/Documentary style being my preferred area of work. It is my constant endeavor to try and bring out the stories of everyday occurrences and people interactions for my viewers.

1/60sec, f.4, ISO 40001/80sec, f.2.5, ISO 3200

Your life story, from the time you worked in a Bank until you became a street and documentary photographer, is quite interesting. Would you like to share with our readers?
Surely. Well to introduce myself as a Street Photographer would not have been possible 8 years ago when I was just a regular guy working as a cashier with a Private Bank. Although I had been creatively inclined since childhood the regular 9 to 5 grind left me with almost no time to discover and nurture the potential within me. I am a person who is constantly driven by creativity and the urge to interact with people. Photography as a medium to express myself compelled me to step down from my Corporate avatar and step into the world of photography. In January 2014, I decided to hang up my boots. With the little savings that I had…

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