24 Jun Riona Neve in France

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Here are 95 classic photographs of Riona Neve by me, Damien Lovegrove. I have included lighting notes and photography tips throughout. Enjoy…

Event: Lovegrove Adventures Fashion and Fashion Nudes workshop for 6 photographer guests in the south of France.
Venue: A pristine chateau in the Lot valley and locations in the surrounding countryside.
Model: Riona Neve
Styling: Riona Neve and Damien Lovegrove
Makeup and Hair: Riona
Photography: Damien Lovegrove

01. I lit Riona with the Lupo Dual Colour Superpanel light. I warmed up the light and let the daylight in the background render cooler in the image. This gold dress is heavy and fabulous. I particularly love the leopard print lining. I bought it from the designer Molly Mishi May of Bristol for shoots just like this. It was perfect for this workshop and it looks fabulous on Riona in the chateau.

The planning for this event started back in November 2018 when I asked Blaise, my PA to look online for a striking chateau in France for us to rent as a shoot location with accommodation combined. Once she had found our venue I then scoured Google Earth for nearby shoot locations. I had created my custom Google map and off I went to France to do a recce. That was in December and we put our workshop online for booking in January.

Riona and I flew out to France two days before the workshop to do a final check out of the locations and to do a mini test shoot then we were ready to

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