20 Aug Rinzi Ruiz: Pictures from my Soul

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Los Angeles based street photographer Rinzi Ruiz is a very well known name among the american street artists working today, mainly because of his black and white pictures depicting ordinary life moments in downtown LA.

We reached out Rinzi and we asked him a few questions about his passion for street photography, his workflow and his future plans.

Hi Rinzi, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Rinzi Ruiz and I live in Glendale, California which is just outside of Downtown Los Angeles. I am passionate about photography which branches out from street photography to wedding photography and portrait photography to all types I enjoy doing.

How did you get interested in Street Photography?

Rinzi Ruiz: My interest in photography started around 2008-2009. That time period I was going through some amount of stress from work and realized how much of myself I had lost. I am a creative type of person by nature and felt I wasn’t in touch with that side of me for too long a period of time so I was looking for something creative I could do and so I thought back to vacations I had recently taken. I found that part of what I enjoyed the most during my vacations was exploring and taking pictures. Once that thought was in my head, my journey started. I began to learn more about the point and shoot camera I owned at the time and the more I researched and learned the more interested I became and the passion started to consume me. I upgraded to a dslr camera kit at around 2010 which helped me toRinzi Ruiz learn and experiment more. While I was researching different types of photography I came upon a website that described what street photography was and that started me off in researching more about it and of course the best part was going out to practice it. I believe in my heart that finding photography and practicing street photography helped me into a journey in self exploration and also that it saved me.…

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