06 Aug Right Place – Right Time

Source: Maclean Photographic

As a landscape photographer I try to plan where I want to go, what I want to shoot, check the weather forecast and be in position at the right time and hope that all the elements come together for ‘the’ shot.  On Sunday when I went to Loch Tay for the sunrise this is exactly the type of planning that I followed but there is still a pinch of luck when it comes to Mother Nature.

Now on Tuesday there was a lightship that was captured purely down to luck, pure and simple.  On the boat trip out to Bass Rock we travel west along the East Lothian coastline past Seacliff and Tantallon Castle.  I had the Fujifilm X-T2 and the XF100-400mm set ready to capture any wildlife that should appear, especially dolphins that do frequent these waters.  Sadly no dolphins were visible today.

Now I was watching Tantallon Castle coming up just as the heavy sea mist that had been hugging the coast started to break up and just as we got close to the castle perched on the cliffs a shaft of sunlight came through the clouds and lit up the ruins.  I was ready and got three shots in the bag, zooming from the wide to the long end of the focal range quickly, before the light faded away again.

There was no planning in this shot other than having the camera out and ready to use should a photo opportunity present itself, the rest was just down to purely being…

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