08 Oct Rhodes

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The week leading up to Photokina back in september I had a family vacation to Rhodes, Greece. A typical family hangout with plenty of food, drinks and cosy times by the pool. It was a much needed break from everything I had going on.

At the time I had yet to experience the Photokina spectacle, so I was still in preparation mode for my speeches. But Rhodes and family time magically pushed all that into the background. At Photokina David Hobby talked about combining your family vacation with photography. The man is an encyclopaedia of photographic knowledge, but this personal advice-driven speech really hit a home run with me.

“When you travel with your family, you are NOT the next national geographic photographer. You’re NOT on the job. It’s vacation time. Honor it.” – D. Hobby.

It’s easy for us photographers and enthusiasts to get completely lost in our own little hunt for the perfect moment. I know for sure that I get lost in that pursuit daily. But I’ve taken Hobbys talk to heart, and I will try to do things a little differently going forward.

Now. Rhodes was amazing. It really was. The light in Greece is just phenomenal. It’s very warm, so when you hit the right tones, the cyan water really keeps its cool hues while the surrounding cliffs and landscapes are perfectly brown/yellow’ish. It’s certainly something else than the cool tones that exists in the nordic countries.

I wanted to do two things…

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