15 Feb Review: XF16mm f/2.8 R WR

Source: Fuji Love

Being an owner of the extraordinary XF16mm f1.4 lens, the first thing that hit me holding the newly announced XF16mm f/2.8 lens was: This is too tiny to be real. I was secretly hoping to receive the much-mentioned XF33 f/1.0 when I was told there is a new piece of glass to review, but then the XF16mm f/2.8 started to take hold of my curiosity – will this mid-range ‘re-release‘ of the full frame equivalent of 24mm focal length be able to capture the heart of users?  Lens placement wise, most Fujifilm users do know that Fujifilm has always focused the designs of its f1.4/ f1.2 lens range as image quality priority while the f2 and now f2.8 range of lenses are designed for a balance between size, budget and imaging performance and the XF16mm f2.8 follows this philosophy.  A Quick relook of the XF16mm f/1.4 And anyone considering the XF16mm f/2.8 will find it only logical to consider how the f/2.8 version compares to the f/1.4 version, so maybe let’s start with a short summary of what is excellent with the XF16mm f/1.4mm: 1. Excellent image quality with excellent bokeh and starbursts. The shot below was done in almost […]

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