28 Apr REVIEW: Testing the Fujinon XF80mm f2.8 Macro

Source: Maclean Photographic

The XF80mm f2.8 macro was unveiled last year and is the first 1:1 macro lens for the Fujifilm X Series.  With an equivalent 120mm focal length, this lens can double up as a short telephoto / portrait lens as well as magnify small objects.

As someone who does a little bit of macro work I was intrigued to see if the 80mm was a better option than the 90mm f2 Fujinon prime which I use with extenders to allow me to shoot macro shots. There is a cost factor here as well.  The 90mm f2 is £879 compared to £1249 for the 80mm on the Fujifilm UK online shop, so does the 80mm justify the extra £370?  I suppose it depends on the amount of macro work you do.

There are two obvious advantages that the 80mm has.  First it has OIS, the first XF prime to have this, and it can also accept the 1.4x and 2x converters, also the first prime lens to do this after the 50-140mm and 100-400mm zooms.

As a portrait lens the 80mm is fantastic, but it isn’t an f2 and this is where the 90mm shines for me.  While quick to focus, the AF isn’t as snappy as the 90mm either.The close focusing ability of the 80mm does have it’s advantages for portraits but for me the 90mm is still my favoured option.

For macro work the 80mm has the advantage here – obviously.  The 90mm with extenders can produce a close focus image but it certainly…

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