07 Mar Review: Sony A7R IV

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Sixty-One Megapixels.  That’s the headline that accompanies almost every mention of Sony’s newest full-frame mirrorless camera, the A7R IV.  The A7R series has always been Sony’s flagship body for landscape and high image quality work, and the fourth generation bumps the resolution of the sensor from 42.7 megapixels to a whopping 60.1, which somehow gets rounded up to 61 in Sony’s marketing literature.  However, the higher resolution sensor may actually be the least consequential upgrade Sony has made with the mark IV body. They’ve ported over their full tracking autofocus from the A9 and a6400, while improving ergonomics, upgrading the EVF, adding a second high-speed card slot, and maintaining a fast burst shooting speed. It’s a camera that can seemingly do everything and do it well.  I’ve been shooting with the A7R IV for nearly three months now: let’s see how well it performs.

The Sony A7R IV with its 61 megapixel sensor

Note: I review gear from a real-world shooting perspective, determining how a piece of gear handles for me in actual use.  I also am not a videographer, so my camera reviews cover the still-imaging aspects of a camera.

Body and Ergonomics

When Sony transitioned from the original A7 / A7R body style to the newer, updated Mark II version, they made a number of major changes to the ergonomics and controls.  These were only slightly refined in the Mark III bodies, and now for the A7R IV we see further changes that

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