09 May Review of the New Fuji X-Pro2

The Fuji X-Pro2 is the long awaited successor to the beloved Fuji X-Pro1. The retro look, functional external dials and comfortable medium size that I love about the Fuji X-Pro1 has been updated for the Fuji X-Pro2. And among the many updates that have been added, the one I’m most excited to try is the new and much-improved autofocus.

What Else is New? A huge bump in megapixels, going from 16.3mp to 24.3mp New X-Trans CMOS III sensor Faster processor Better ISO from 200-12800 with extended ISO of 100, 25600, and 51200 Faster continuous shooting at 8fps with a continuous high buffer of 83 frames 273 autofocus points (compared to 77 in the X Pro-1) AF tracking, and eye detection Build

The magnesium-alloy body is still very solid, with some upgrades. For one, the weight has been bumped up a little, while adding additional weather resisting to the camera. The rubber grip protrudes a bit more for a grippier feel in the hands, but still feels lightweight and fine strapped across the chest while walking around for long periods of time. For tripod users, the threading is now in the center of the base plate instead of awkwardly off center. A notable update is the addition of a joystick, which takes the headache out of navigating the focus points and menu. High-five, Fuji.

The external dials are great once you get used to them. Took me awhile to get adjusted to the film speed reminiscent dial, and…