04 Aug Review of the Fujifilm XF 27 mm F/2.8 R Lens: Convenience over Quality | Improve Photography

I switched to Fuji last October after much debate (I love it and am so happy Jim’s endorsement finally pushed me over the edge).   I had a certain amount budgeted that I calculated to get the set up I wanted.  By a stroke of blind luck, my local camera shop advertised the wrong price on the exact set up I was looking for and it saved me $300.  At the same time, Adorama advertised a sale on the Fujifilm XF 27 mm F/2.8 lens for under $300.  Fate seemed to good to me so I decided to pull the trigger on this lens.  I have been using the lens often since then and, while I don’t necessarily love the performance compared to my more expensive lens, I love the convenience it offers…….