26 Jun Review of the Fuji XF 16 1.4R WR

First off, let me start by saying I do not get paid by Fujifilm, nor am I affiliated with them in anyway beside having a love for their products. Secondly, if you want pixel peeping sharpness and noise charts, this isn’t the review for that. I review gear in a real world setting. Basically, I do real world, hands on, reviews of my gear after having used it for a period of time long enough for me to have gotten used to using it. 

That being said, I have owned the Fuji XF 16R WR for about two months, and I have shot it almost every day during these past two months. I am coming from the tried and true, and I believe, underrated XF 18 f/2, so I kind of made my comparisons on this lens based off my experiences with that lens as well as other Fuji glass I have owned and use. 

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