26 Nov REVIEW: Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50

Source: Maclean Photographic

I have to admit that as a photographer who spends a lot of time on the move I have yet to find the perfect camera bag, but I may have come very close with the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50.  

A camera bag is a considered purchase and something that shouldn’t be skimped on.  Why spend thousands of hard earned pounds on a camera system and the protect it with a cheap bag – it doesn’t make sense to me.

For the past five years I have used a Lowepro 350AW Pro Runner backpack which has been a great all round carrying system. I originally bought it for my Nikon DSLR outfit and when I switched exclusively to Fujifilm in 2014 I continued to use the Lowepro.  However it was starting to show its age with some of the plastic couplings breaking or becoming detached, so I started the search for a new bag.

Because I take a lot of flights – I’ve taken 84 flights in 2016 – the bag has to fit in with the most stringent of carry on rules for the major carriers.  I tend to fly with British Airways or other One World partner airlines or with Air France /KLM.  I also wanted a bag where the depth was enough to take the Fujinon XF50-140mm f2.8 could stand upright.  In the Lowepro both the 100-400mm and the 50-140mm zooms had to be laid flat and this means there is less room for other cameras and lenses.

Manfrotto MB MP-BP-50BB Pro Backpack 50

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