08 Feb REVIEW: Fujinon Wide Angle Primes

The Three Widest Fujinon Prime Lenses

14mm f2.8 – 16mm f1.4 – 18mm f2You often see on Fujifilm forums and groups questions about which wide angle lenses are the best for landscapes and travel and I see a lot of different answers from people of varying expertise.  It is really down to the individual photographer to identify what they want to shoot and the best lens for them.

For me I love to have an ultra wide lens, so my favourite wide angle lens in my camera bag is the Fujinon XF10-24mm f4, which goes with me everywhere because of its flexibility and relative compact size.  I also have the XF18mm f2 prime, which was one of the four primes I bought with my X-Pro1 back in 2013, which is one of my favourite primes for having on the camera when I am travelling due to its small size and fast f2 aperture.

The Three Widest Fujinon Prime Lenses

14mm f2.8 – 16mm f1.4 – 18mm f2The widest field of view prime lens that Fujifilm produce for the X Series is the 14mm f2.8, which gives an equivalent focal length of 21mm in full frame terms.  I did own a 14mm as it was one of the four original prime lenses I bought in 2013 but I found myself not using it once I bought the 10-24mm so I sold it.

Next up is the 16mm f1.4 (24mm equivalent in FF terms) and I have tested this lens on a couple of occasions but…