24 Jul Review: Fujifilm X100V

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I have reviewed quite a lot of Fujifilm gear, and have owned many of their cameras and lenses, but somehow I have never gotten around to reviewing their famous X100 lineup, which has been extremely popular since the first X100 was announced way back in 2010.  I’ve tried them out in stores or at trade shows here and there, but never obtained any of them for a full review.  However, when the latest incarnation in this series was announced, the X100V, it intrigued me enough to snag a rental for a little over a week and run it through its paces.  And then I wrote half the review and got busy at work, and it eventually fell by the wayside.

And now, a year later, I picked up an X100V for my personal use, and can finally finish the review. The X100V is perhaps the biggest update in the X100 lineup since the X100S added an X-Trans sensor, but I think the improvements in the X100V are even more substantial.  The biggest update comes withe first redesign of the lens in the camera, which promises improved sharpness close up and other quality improvements.  Fujifilm has also put in the X-Trans 4 sensor, added a tilting rear screen, and a host of other small tweaks and improvements.  Lets dive in.

The Fujifilm X100V

Note: I review gear from a real-world shooting perspective, determining how a piece of gear handles for me in actual use.  I also am not a videographer,

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