25 Mar Review: Fujifilm X-T20

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Hot on the heels of my (somewhat late) X-T2 review comes the review of its little brother, the X-T20. The X-T20 is the successor to Fuji’s X-T10, which was released almost two years ago.  The X-T10 proved to be a very capable body with nearly all the features of the X-T1 in a smaller package. The X-T20 follows that same mold, but with enough new features to be both a worthy upgrade for X-T10 owners and a real viable alternative for potential X-T2 buyers who may not want to spend the $1,600 asking price for Fuji’s flagship camera.  The X-T20 is priced at just $899 for the body only, with two kits available at $999 for the camera body with the XC 16-50mm lens, and $1199 for the body with XF 18-55mm lens. Is the X-T20 an X-T2 in a smaller package?  Let’s find out…


Construction and Handling

The X-T20 shares the same exterior body as the X-T10 that preceded it.  This means that all the positives and negatives I had to say about the X-T10 are still present here on the X-T20.  The body is a shrunken version of the X-T2 style, with a DSLR styled body with center EVF, in a very compact package.  The X-T20 is available in both silver and black, and my copy is the silver version.  The camera looks great in my opinion, but that is a very subjective thing. It’s a solidly constructed body made of a mix of composites and metal, with a full metal top and bottom plate. While it lacks the X-T2’s weather sealing, it otherwise fits into the X-T series very well with a high-end build quality…

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