28 Jan Returning to a DSLR after Mirrorless: Canon 5D IV

Source: Fujifilm Insider

For almost a year now, I’ve been shooting the Fujifilm X-System as my primary tool for commercial photography. I still have my Sony equipment and when I sold my Canon 5D III, I did not sell off the lenses I valued the most. Six months ago, I got my hands on a Canon 5D IV for several months and it got me thinking. I wondered whether my immersion in mirrorless had blinded me to what a modern DSLR could do. So I shot with the 5D IV for quite some time, at first to re-familiarise myself with using a Canon 5 series body and then for work. This gave me a direct insight into the 5D IV itself and also into whether I still felt any DSLR envy. Here is how it went:

The first realisation is that the image quality from the Canon 5D IV is truly wonderful. Some people looking enviously at the 36-48MP of the Nikon D810 or D850 may think that 30MP isn’t a lot. Personally, I felt like it was a very nice compromise between 24 and 36MP. Contrary to some, I did not find the Anti-Aliasing filter too strong and I thought the files sharpened up beautifully (I never saw moiré in ‘real’ files either). The RAWs had bags of dynamic range and I was able to dig deep without fear of running of flexibility or into heavy noise. I also noticed rather quickly that the colour was fantastic for people photography. Really amazing. Skin tones always seemed very close to perfect…


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