02 Feb Rethinking Photography with Fujifilm’s X100 Series

Source: Michael St. Jean Photography

For about four years now I’ve been happily acquiring Fujifilm bodies, lenses, and accessories. I have a pattern: I obsess and buy a new or used Fujifilm body, lens, or accessory from Amazon,  B&H, or Craigslist. I then get a new obsession and sell a Fujifilm body, lens, or accessories on Craigslist to offset my next purchase from Amazon, B&H, or Craigslist. When the X100 series entered my obsessive thoughts, I bought a used X100S from Amazon to test. I liked the X100S so much that I began obsessing over the X100F because it mirrored the familiar control layout of my XPro2. I found instead a lightly used X100T plus accessories from Amazon at a price I could not ignore, bought it, and sold my X100S on Craigslist (for less than I paid for it).

The X100T has been a revelation and has me rethinking my photography. This camera has become my daily driver and my powerful XPro2, with its collection of lenses, has become the niche camera which I now used primarily when I need the capabilities of the 55-200mm telephoto. Other than for telephoto use, the X100T with its 23mm lens is admirably serving as the photographic catch all and middle ground where I feel it is not worth the effort of bringing along the XPro2 with my 14mm, 35mm, 60mm, or 18-55mm lenses.

Don’t get me wrong, the XPro2 is a fantastic camera. The 14mm renders dramatic wide angle landscapes and interior spaces. The 35mm f1.4 has is a

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