28 Mar Report: Sony tops mirrorless production in 2020 with Canon close behind

Source: DP Review

Citing data from research firm Techno System Research, Japanese business publication Sankeibiz has revealed (machine-translated) the production numbers for various camera manufacturers throughout 2020. Amongst the data is the unsurprising fact that Canon, Nikon and Sony have, combined, produced 75% of the 3.26 million mirrorless cameras produced in 2020.

According to the Techno System Research’s data, there were a total of 5.65 million interchangeable lens cameras produced in 2020: 3.26 million mirrorless cameras and 2.39 million DSLR cameras.

Sony’s a9 II camera, released in 2020.

Of the mirrorless cameras manufactured, Sony produced 1.15 million, Canon produced 1.05 million and Nikon was trailing, having produced just 250,000 units. The remaining 810,000 mirrorless cameras were split amongst other manufacturers, including Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic, Olympus (now OM Digital Solutions), Sigma and others, but no specific production numbers were given for any other manufacturers. As for DSLRs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Canon and Nikon led the pack with 1.71 million and 650,000 units produced, respectively.

The number of cameras produced by a company doesn’t always equal the number of cameras sold. However, if you compare Techno System Research’s numbers with the sales numbers both Canon and Nikon have shared in their respective financial reports, it appears as though both Canon and Nikon sold pretty much every unit they produced in 2020.1

Canon’s EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras, both of which were released in the

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