25 Mar Repetition and progress

Source: Jonas Rask

It’s that time of the year again. The annual gymnastics recital in our small town. Its a big thing in our family. Mainly because of the involvement of my better half. She does an amazing job. I’ve become quite fond of these annual meetups at the sportscenter. Seeing the girls evolve within a physical framework is quite giving.
I know its the same old song. “They grow up so fast” – But they really do. They really do. – I couldn’t be more proud when I see the look on their faces. They express such joy. Such freedom and bliss. It’s one of those minuscules that in reality is mastodontic in all its meaning.

These recitals has also seen its share of new Fujifilm gear over the past couple of years. Coincidentally Fujifilm always sends out stuff for testing over these spring months. Or at least they have done for the last 3 years. As a result I always bring the gear to the recital. It’s a really great testing ground for new camera and lens tech. – This year is a little different. I am in a state of mind these days where I constantly long for something new in the face of old.
I finished the paint job of my X-Pro1 “Silver Surfer” that I had originally sanded down. It was a pain to keep fresh looking because of metal corrosion. – So I decided on a paint job instead.

It dried up just in time…

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