22 Feb Reflections About A Place

Source: Fuji Love

“And so the question keeps lingering in my mind: at the end of all this exploring, will I arrive where I started and know this place for the first time?” This question, inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem Little Gidding, concludes the project statement that I wrote to accompany ‘Hanoi Reflections’, my latest series of nocturnal cityscapes depicting the changing face of Vietnam’s capital city. I started this photo project at the end of 2018, as I participated in the Invisible Photographer Asia Mentorship Program. The result of that mentorship was a photo series called ‘Hanoi Skin’, which I wrote about in an earlier article that was published on this very website. While I was, and still am, proud of ‘Hanoi Skin’, I knew it wasn’t the end of the story I was trying to tell. There was still so much to be discovered and photographed that I simply had to keep on going. Fast-forward to December 2019, and there I was again, hopping on my scooter at night, trying to make my way through the little lanes and back alleys of some of Hanoi’s anonymous residential neighborhoods. Although the starting point for my new series was exactly the same as […]

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