28 Apr Recent work ~ Urbex, Dance, Boudoir, Smoke

Source: Pro Photo Nut

I’ve been testing kit and doing a few fun practice shoots ahead of my next workshops in Belgium and the Wild West USA.

The first few shots in this post are of Liv Free. We did a quick simple shoot at Pipewell Hall using a couple of Lupo 1000 Fresnel lights and a mains operated haze machine.

01. I used a classical style for this shot of Liv. I used the contrast depth effect used by the renaissance painters of the late 15th and early 16th century, this method depicts the most distant parts in the scene with the least contrast.


02. Still with a bit of haze hanging in the air I shot this frame with a warmed up white balance.


03. Pipewell Hall is a wonderful shoot location with eccentric touches to an otherwise classical interior.


04. I shot Liv from above using the 32-64mm lens to capture this peaceful study.

The next three photographs are of young Belgian dancer Lana Verkest. We shot in an abandoned factory near Charleroi in Belgium. I was shooting with my friends and we took it in turn to create a few setups.

05. I lit Lana Verkest with a couple of Godox AD600 units fitted with a 70cm softbox from the left and a strip light reflector from the right.


06. A puff of smoke from the Smoke Factory Scotty 2 machine caught the sunlight in this naturally lit scene.


07. Two Godox AD600 flashes were used

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