16 Dec Recent Photo Software Updates for M1 Macs

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Since the release of Apple’s new MacBooks and Mac mini powered by their own Apple Silicon, software ported to these new M1 processors has steadily been released. While we’re still waiting on some of the key applications, there has recently been some bigger names releasing M1 optimised versions.


Adobe released an updated version of Lightroom a little while ago. Unfortunately this is only Lightroom Desktop (the cloud version of Lightroom) and not Lightroom Classic. If you’re using Lightroom Classic and you have one of these new Macs you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but if you are a Lightroom Desktop user, then you now have a fully optimised version.

DXO PhotoLab 4.1

DXO Photolab announced an M1 version recently, and they were pretty excited about it in their press release, citing significant performance improvements. This is an interesting one, because the software uses AI for its “Deep Prime” noise reduction technology, so if they’re using compatible frameworks, this should be accelerated by the M1’s machine learning cores. I couldn’t get an answer from them as to whether or not this is the case, but judging by the performance improvements, I’m guessing that it is.

Here’s what the press release says:

“Users can now process their images three to five times faster compared to the most recent 13” MacBook Pro and Mac Mini for nearly half the cost—and in silence. Images are exported at 1.5 mpix/s, which is faster than the previous version of DxO PRIME.

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