06 Oct Really Right Stuff BXT2 Plates for Fuji X-T2

Source: Mostly Photos

Really Right Stuff (Manufacturers of high quality Tripods and Tripod Accessories in the USA) have created a set of Arca Swiss Type Tripod Plates for the recently released Fuji X-T2

I ordered a set of the BXT2 plates from their site for delivery to the UK and received them within a week or ordering. I advise International Purchases to carefully read the International Shipping information pages on the RRS website as the advice for which company to select for shipping is useful.

I opted for UPS Expedited and although I experienced some issues (detailed below) on the whole this service seems like the better option

I ordered the BXT2 plates for the Fuji X-T2 and selected ‘I will not be using the battery Grip’ This is important as the BXT2 for the Battery Grip fit is a totally separate product the the BXT2 that fits the X-T2 and has a detachable ‘L’ Bracket.

I used my company’s address for delivery which proved to be a mistake as the delivery picked up Customs Duty Costs as it enters the UK and these need to be paid on delivery. My Post Room were unable to locate me when the driver arrived initially and turned him away!

UPS explained that the usual process is that the driver arrives and can either be paid cash or the company can be called (while the driver waits) and credit card payment can be completed. 

In my case I called UPS and paid by credit card. They gave me a reference number to pass

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