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In this post I’d like to explain how I choose my Raw Converter Software for Fujifilm GFX. It’s not a review but more a process to my needs as a landscape photographer and occasional family and events photographer. The purpose is to give folks some information on what software is available.

Oh yes it’s time to move on and do some digital. Because right now is of course the right time of year. Once again here in the southern hemisphere autumn has graciously returned to us.

My Story

However even though I’ve neglected the binary side of things for awhile. I do enjoy very much making landscape images on full frame sensors (and now on medium format too).

A side note, just to let you guys know, I’m not giving up analog photography. No way! Its now part and parcel of my life. But when it comes to digital photography I’ve become a luddite in the last couple of years.

Currently I’m shooting with a black Fujifilm XT-2 for digital work and video. Now I’m about to dive into digital medium format. I’ve got a loan of a GFX50s for awhile! Which I do hope to take advantage of it in terms of landscape photography this season.

So back to my digital work, but please let me explain why I’ve been away so long from digital. There are two or maybe three reasons why. One most certainly is my new found and sincere love for analog.

The second reason was the demise of Apple’s Aperture my favourite raw editor and image management software.

Finally my third reason for not picking up a digital camera for landscape work for awhile is basically my life is so busy to joggle both analog and digital. One must concentrate seriously on one medium at a time. Otherwise both mediums will suffer.

Choosing a Raw Converter

So on to resolving my need for a new RAW converter software. Choosing a suitable raw editor/converter is tricky. But I hear you shout, “Lightroom, Lightroom!” and I reply, “Yes I did try the move to Lightroom and I pretty much hated its workflow.”

That’s probably why I stuck with Apple’s Aperture for so long. Way after its best before date. Now Aperture stinks for new cameras and Mac OS updates. So I say a sorrowful goodbye to Aperture.…

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