21 Apr Raven remote flash control and camera trigger supports multiple flash brands

Source: DP Review

FusionTLC has announced Raven, a lighting control product that uses 2.4GHz wireless communication to control flashes from numerous lighting brands including Profoto, Godox and PocketWizard. Raven is developed by Jim Clark, who is a founder of PocketWizard. FusionTLC says that Raven is ‘poised to revolutionize the shooting experience for photographers.’

Raven attaches to your camera’s hotshoe and allows you to control lights from two brands simultaneously. The device includes a 1.4″ OLED touchscreen and a haptic ring-dial interface. On the left side of the Raven are a USB port and a test button. The right side includes ‘home,’ ‘back,’ and ‘SyncView’ buttons. SyncView allows the user to adjust flash timing with the data captured using Raven’s built-in light meter. On the front of the Raven are an infrared light and a white light to assist with autofocus. The lamp can emit 180 lumens. The Raven includes a built-in rechargeable 2,500 mAh lithium-ion battery, which FusionTLC says powers the device for 15-27 hours of normal use. Raven can be charged while in use, as well.

Using the rotating haptic dial surrounding the touchscreen, you can control up to four flash zones (groups) in TTL or manual modes. Raven offers remote control over power levels and supports high-speed sync (HSS).

Raven can also be used to control up to eight groups of remote cameras. Additional features include PowerTracking, MultiPop, SpeedCycle, GPS, sound triggering, time-lapse mode and more. PowerTrack is a hybrid flash

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