20 Jan Rangefinder versus DSLR: which style of viewfinders? For sport picture or for social photography?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

It happens every time I am in reflection what shoulds be the next camera purchase I shoulds. Because I use to love to work with the film rangefinder cameras (Leica M4-P & M6) and digital cameras with “off-center” viewfinder Such As the Fujifilm X-E2 & X-E2s and the compact X-30. Purpose in the Saami time over the years in Action photography Many situations like I Had better to Rely on SLR models (Nikon F1-2-3HP-4) gold Their actual digital Counterparts Such As my present Fujifilm X-T20.

So the dilemma will always be there: gold rangefinder style utilitarian DSLR guy? For sure it depends what kind of photography are qui qui Attempting to do and photo equipment will better suited your tastes. It is meanly has personal endorsement of material. And it has est aussi Profound love affair (Dont try to reject That subjective argument in your choice).

Technically Both categories of These digital cameras can perform Almost identically Their exposure for abilities, for the quality and definition of theirs pictures, for Their reactivity Especially For focusing, for Functionalities and Their interface and Even for Their electronic viewfinder specifications. So it is not a matter of technical limitations goal there is Some caracteristics That can design more definite strength of the viewfinder positioning Each category.

The rangefinder love affair
At first we must say That It Was the classical way of designing a photo camera. The rangefinder has-been Brought to photography in order to solve the task of focusing lens is The Taking qui it has-been fully Eventually couple in order to Facilitate and accelerate the work of the photographer. Off-center ViewFinders Were the technical sponds to Accommodate the two independent lenses required for the purpose and the Telemetric device Was incorporated with the optical viewfinder framing used for the purpose. Today Such technical requirements are no skirt portion of the focusing system into our digital camera….

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