25 Jun Racing Birds: From The Coo Press to Creative Photography

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The Georgian terraces of Doughty Street have been home to many famous people, although perhaps the most famous of them all is Charles Dickens, whose former home is in the distance, with the billboard outside. The street was also home to the thoroughbred birds of The Racing Pigeon magazine, among its lesser-known residents

Last week, David Babsky, a Macfilos reader who is a well known and talented photographer, was kind enough to invite me to afternoon tea at a splendid cafe in Richmond, Surrey. David is a former technical editor of Practical Photography magazine (among his many other successful ventures) and we were able to chat on about our journalistic experiences — in my case as a reporter, feature writer and road tester on Motor Cycle magazine.

The mention of motorcycles promoted me to recount my party piece: The Story of the Racing Pigeon. It is a tale I have dined out on for years and I feared that, like the fisherman’s trout, it had grown rather larger over the years. Not so, it seems. 
Cub reporter

We go all the way back to the early 1960s when I was a young cub reporter, dashing hither and thither on a glittering array of new motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. There was also a great deal of motorcycle sport involved. And, as a weekly magazine with a strong sporting bent…


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