22 Dec Quintessence of the light

Source: Fuji Love

My name is Bernard BOSC, photographer, 41 years old, I reside in the French Guiana.
I would first like to thank the Fuji X-Passion team for this article. Talking about my work is an abstract subject, because I am interested in all forms of photographs. What is important to me is light, composition and beauty.

In general, I work with natural light or artificial sources: that of a bedside lamp, for example. I use the light that exists; In fact, I am not a flash fetishist in my pictures, except of course for orders. There is very little retouching on my photographs, just the essential: brightness, contrast and a balance of colors. The photo is related to reality: in my opinion, too much to change the content is no longer a photograph. My approach thus remains that of the great masters of photography; I must remain authentic and despite all the possibilities of retouching, I try to respect this fundamental principle of photography.
I am an instinctive photographer, in search of lights and beauty.

I was interested in the Fuji cameras since the release of the X-Pro1 for its exceptional pictorial rendering and innovative concept. Previously I owned Nikon equipment, the mythical Nikon D3, a 24-120mm, the 70-300mm and the 105mm macro Nikon, a wonder for portraits. Then I was interested in the famous X-T1 for its ergonomics, its retro concept and the technical advantages of the hybrid cameras. But I had a negative reserve

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