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Fujifilm X100F

I have always been passionate about Photography Projects and I even include Projects in my talks and workshops. They are fantastic for personal development but frustrating all at the same time. The hardest part with most projects is getting started ! Once you are started its not to bad to stay motivated but and as long as its a short project,  I call short about year.

I started my Where is Jane and Wheres Jane project about six months ago but its not been going to plan. Its a long term double project based on my old facebook posts about my travels with Jane.

I got it wrong form the start and decided to shoot the project in Colour and with the Fujifilm GFX because I wanted to put the images in a Exhibition with really big prints. The downside to this idea was I really don’t carry the GFX with me everywhere I go with Jane so the projects were not really getting off the ground and I ended up shooting with all types of camera, also I am also not a fan of colour so its was all at a standstill !

This weekend in Edinburgh I shot the black and white image above and it was that lightbulb moment ! I was doing it all wrong and it should be in black and white and not camera specific !

So I am going to start the project from Scratch but this also means I can add

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