04 Sep Project R-A-I-N: Vancouver Street Photography Workshop

Source: Olafs Photoblog

When the winter months arrive, many photographers put away their cameras. I used to do the same. A few years ago, I ventured out with my camera during a rainy day and tried to tune my visual senses to a new reality. What I discovered changed my seeing forever.

The beautiful winter light mixed with the gentle droplets of R-A-I-N and the atmospheric mood of the season provided me with special set of conditions to create and see the city I love anew. Since then, I have been working on my R-A-I-N project and I have to say that shooting in rain or snow has become my favourite photographic endeavour.

It is now hard to believe but during long and dry summer months I often long for those rainy days when I could venture out with my camera and discover truly amazing visuals. In fact, I love the experience so much that I decided to share it with you and lead the Project R-A-I-N: Vancouver Street Photography Workshop. 

This one-of-its-kind workshop is not only aimed at learning how to capture a unique atmosphere and visuals of rainy, cloudy days but will also provide you with a cornerstone of the Simplicity-In-Seeing program. We will learn how to See the Image, Craft the Image and Execute the Image using techniques Olaf has developed over the years to journey past the snapshot. Every day we will have a mix of presentations, discussions and street shooting in the most stunning Vancouver neighbourhoods. I will

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