21 Jul Project Local

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Allerton Road

I guess it had to happen, I have decided on a new long term project! I was going to restrict it to shooting within 1 mile of my home but Allerton Road alone runs nearly two miles through the area and there is also another Allerton Road that almost starts where the other ends. So I am going to consider Liverpool as my Local Area, but only shoot within walking distance. So no transport except my feet.

Allerton Road

All images will be shot on X100F and posted on Instagram as matt6t6 or matt6t6colour.

Roll up for the Mystery Tour ( Allerton Road)

I used to feel self conscious shooting in my local area but for some reason I don’t anymore ! I did think going out from home walking in my local area would never work but now I have the bug. I just need to get back on the horse and start riding and this is a good place to start.

Allerton Road

Not to sure how it will go in winter as no one gets up and goes out around hear until mid morning or mid day in the winter ! I get

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