02 Jun Professional Wedding Photographer at 10 years old?? With Fuji? Meet Regina Wyllie

Thank you Regina for kindly accepting our invitation! How old are you now?
You’re welcome. Thank you for asking me. I am 10yrs old, I will be 11 in July

How did your passion for photography begin?
I grew up with lots of cameras around the house as my dad is a photographer and I asked him if I could go with him to a mountain bike race when I was 3yrs old. I don’t really remember much about it, but apparently I put down my toy camera and took my dad’s compact camera from his bag while he was shooting. Since then I just started asking how they work and how to take photos properly.

G’s first bike shoot

And how long ago did you start shooting real professional assignments?
I have gone along with my dad to a lot of fashion and portrait shoots for a few years and went with him to the mountain bike world cup a few years ago as well as going to a trash the dress shoot when I was 7. My first wedding was last year, in April 2016. Since then I‘ve shot quite a few weddings and had quite a few bookings for portraits. The first photograph I sold was of an old army friend of my dads who had just came home from Afghanistan. They had a parade and afterwards I took a shot of him as my dad was taking some portraits. He bought my photo