20 Feb Processing Fuji Files with Exposure X5: A Quick Look

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

When I talk about Processing Fuji raw files, I mostly cover Capture One and Lightroom (with X-transformer). While I still think that Capture One is the best overall option, there is another application that I’ve been using a lot lately, and that is Exposure X5. While it is not as fully featured as Lightroom or Capture One, it does have some unique attributes. For Fuji Shooters, it offers some appealing options, depending on your preferences.

Please note that this isn’t a comprehensive review or a detailed tutorial. I’m just sharing my experiences and thoughts using the software. I have a more thorough review of this which you can find here. If you want more details, and a full tutorial, let me know in the comments and I’ll consider it in the future.

The Basics

Let me cut to the chase. You’re probably wondering how it does on details and does it suffer from any of the issues of smearing hat Lightroom does? It does not. The quality is perfectly fine. It’s not quite as clean as Capture One, but the differences are pretty small. I haven’t noticed any of the typical problems with edge artefacts, worm artefacts or detail smearing. So from that aspect, it’s perfectly fine.

There are presets to match the Fuji film simulation modes, but in my opinion, they’re not that accurate, especially compared to Capture One or Lightroom. If you want an exact replica of the in-camera Jpegs, this won’t be it. However, that would miss the advantages of the

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