01 Feb Processing Black & White Street Photographs with Acros

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

In December I published a Street Tip article describing how I process my colour street images with the Classic Chrome film simulation.  Consider this article part two in a series then, where I will describe how I process my black and white street images in Lightroom using the Fujifilm Acros film simulation.  If you aren’t a Fujifilm shooter though no worries… the vast majority of these principles can be applied to any camera and to any software package.

When I am in the field I try to get my photos as close to finished as I can in camera, while also understanding that most images will benefit from a little polish in post production.  I love high contrast black and white imagery, so this process almost always starts with finding the right light.  Light is everything in photography.  Hell, the word photography literally means “to write with light”, and beautiful light forms the basis of most of my black and white images.   If I do my job well in the field my photographs should only require a minute or two of post production each, which means I can spend more time creating new images in the field.

Let’s take a look at the process…

Here is the image shown above, but straight out of the camera as a compressed RAW file:

If you compare this image to the final one at the top of the post you can see that the image started by finding a compelling scene compositionally

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