25 Jul Problem solving: How to deal with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 “grid” artefacts

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The X-Pro2 is a camera with lots of positive characteristics but more importantly, it is a relevant upgrade, taking Fujifilm’s mirrorless system to the next level alongside the recently announced X-T2. However, no camera is perfect and sometimes certain flaws can cause more irritation than others.

In the past we shared our findings about the sensor ghost flares of the first generation Sony A7. This time I want to talk about a problem related to the X-Pro2 that I already mentioned in my in-depth review: grid artefacts. Since I keep seeing this topic appear in Facebook groups and on forums, I thought that a dedicated article could be of help.

Before proceeding any further, there are three important things I want to highlight:

Note #1: My aim with this article is to provide a solution (not definitive, but simple and effective) for users who already own an X-Pro2, have encountered the issue, but don’t know how to deal with it. It can also be of interest to owners who haven’t encountered the problem yet, or to potential customers. My intention isn’t to cause panic, which is something that happens easily on the internet when a flaw is found on a new camera. Note #2: There have been reports of X-Pro2 users NOT being affected by these grid artefacts. This might suggest that the problem is limited to only a select number of X-Pro2 cameras. If this is true, Fujifilm might be able to identify the serial numbers if the brand acknowledges the issue later on. Note #3: The grid artefacts are mostly noticeable when you enlarge the image. In

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